Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress Review

About Ergoflex

Ergoflex is a company that manufactures and sells mattresses to consumers in several countries across the world. The company was established in the year 2006 in the United Kingdom, 2010 in Australia, and with several branches across Europe. It is one of the leading brands to offer an affordable and high performance mattress in the market. Ergoflex takes pride in possessing a decade of innovation and serving customers.

The company offers one perfect mattress range in different sizes, highly optimized specifications, and models for customer convenience. The mattresses are known to meet the needs of every individual and leaves customers satisfied and happy in the long run. Ergoflex was the first to offer it all only through online and directly to the customer. The mattresses are suitable for real time usages and designed to last for a minimum of 10 years and millions of restful sleep nights.

Ergoflex Mattress Features and Benefits

The Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress boasts of unique features and benefits that come with it that customers love. Check out the Ergoflex mattress reviews below.


Ergoflex uses premium quality materials in the making of the mattress. At the base, Ergoflex mattresses are made up of high density PU foams that are resistant to impacts. The high density memory foam at the top enables users to enjoy a premium performance experience. The superior materials in the 5th generation mattress gives a luxury feel. The proof of the brand’s passion for quality can also be seen in its visco elastic memory foam, Australia and the contouring body comfort that it provides. The materials work together in ensuring a supportive and pressure relieving mattress.


The Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattresses from this brand comprises 2 covers and 3 foam layers.

The first layer:

The first layer comprises TENCEL that is highly breathable enabling excellent ventilation that wicks moisture away from the body. This layer gives the mattress a luxurious and natural feel on the skin. It is removable and machine washable.

The second layer:

The second layer of the Ergoflex mattress comprises micro fine casing that acts as the protective covering for all the layers beneath.

The third layer

This layer is 9 cm thick with visco elastic memory foam. It contours and shapes the body providing support and a hugging feel that induces a good sleep throughout the night. It is helpful in getting rid of body pain by targeting the pressure points no matter the sleeping position.

The fourth layer

The 4th layer is made up of 5 cm airflow foam that keeps the mattress cool and helps maintain body temperature. This specially designed layer diffuses the hot air and prevents partner disturbances during sleep motions.

The Fifth layer

The last layer has a high resilience foam base that is 9cm thick. This gives the entire mattress the firmness and deep support that cradles the spine unlike any other. The base layer of the Ergoflex guarantees performance longevity.


The Ergoflex™ 5G memory foam mattress has a medium soft firmness that ranges between 5 to 6 on a 10 point firmness scale. This firmness range offers complete support to the spine for the back sleepers.

How does the Ergoflex™ 5G memory foam mattress work?

The materials on the Ergoflex™ 5G memory foam mattress, Australia functions in harmony to relieve stress and built-up tensions. The top outer cover protectively encases the core of the mattress. All the layers sync together in a high resilience impact resistant dense, comfortable, bouncy and smooth feel. The airflow system circulates and disperses the air across all the layers of the mattress, especially its core. The regulated temperature on the surface keeps the bed cool and prevents the body from heating during slumber.

What are the benefits of the Ergoflex™ Memory Foam Mattress?

The benefits of the Ergoflex™ 5G memory foam mattress are several fold.

High performing density levels

The Ergoflex™ 5G memory foam mattress is highly responsive to pressure and sensitive to both body and surrounding temperature. It is perfect for normal working people looking forward to a restful sleep after a tiring day.

Orthopaedic pressure relief

It is also recommended for patients with joint pains and orthopaedic ailments as it contours and supports the spine and body shape. The sleep surface of the mattress allows support to the hips, lower back, shoulders, ribs and elbows.

Excellent health benefits

The mattresses from Ergoflex are perfect for those suffering with back pains, health problems, circulation and nervous system issues. It targets the pressure points of the body and relieves pain, fibromyalgia and more.

Zero partner disturbance

The sleepers on the Ergoflex™ 5G memory foam mattress do not feel the movements of the other partner. The layered materials ensure zero disturbances.

Performance longevity

The open aired spherical cells of the Ergoflex™ 5G memory foam mattress maintain a cool surface by circulating the air freely. It creates the feeling of being cradled during sleep, when compared to the other standard mattress types in the market. The temperature-sensitive properties play an immense role in performance longevity year after year.

Asthma friendly and Hypo-allergenic

What makes the Ergoflex™ 5G memory foam mattress special is that it is naturally anti-allergenic. It does not accumulate dust, mites, mould, pollen and other allergenic substances. The top finely woven cover is removable and machine washable.

How to set up the Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattress?

The Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattress is delivered to customers in a box. Unbox the mattress and carry it with the plastic wrapping to the bed frame. This prevents dirt and dust from collecting on to the materials. It is also easy and convenient to carry to transfer it with the wrapping. In case the setting up is planned for another day, then it is best to maintain it in the compresse form upto a maximum of 4 weeks.

Use a scissors to cut through the plastic covering, however care should be taken not to damage the mattress material or layers. Unfurl the mattress and open the second vacuum sealed packaging. The mattress will take on its natural shape and dense layered depth on the bed frame.

How Much Does Ergoflex Mattress Cost?

Single92cm x 187cm x 23cm$929
Long Single92cm x 203cm x 23cm$979
King Single106cm x 203cm x 23cm$999
Double137cm x 187cm x 23cm$1349
Queen152cm x 203cm x 23cm$1499
King183cm x 203cm x 23cm$1749

What is 30 days trial and things to consider

30 days trial

At Ergoflex, the team cares about customer satisfaction at the time of ordering and mattress usage. The company has come up with a 30 days trial where customers can try out the mattress for comfort and peace of mind during sleep. For some it takes a night or two, while others need a longer time to get adjusted to the feel, high density and support that the mattress provides. There is a low risk of purchasing the mattress from Ergoflex as they are quite friendly and approachable. In case of hesitation about the mattress purchase, customers can contact the company within 30 days from the date of delivery. You can either return or just initiate contact with the company within the 30 days trial period.

The return of the Ergoflex mattress is completely free for the following specific areas:

  • Perth
  • Adeline
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Hobart
  • Sydney
  • New castle
  • Gold coast
  • Central coast

However the Ergoflex mattress company does not offer the free returnable service to the areas outside of the metro and other regional places. A nominal fee that ranges between $150 to $ 250 is collected depending on the location of the customers.

The company recommends customers try out the mattress for the entire 30 days before deciding on returning the mattress. Ergoflex is also willing to extend the trial period in case customers want to try them out for longer.


In case a customer wants to return the mattress, the company arranges the entire process. Professionals come to your doorstep to collect the mattress within 7 to 14 working days. Once the mattress is received by the company, the refund is initiated 24 hours. Upon returns, ergoflex collects a nominal fee that is deducted during the refund.


The Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattress comes with a 10 year warranty. The confidence that the units are free of defects and are made up of only high quality materials. This is why the company guarantees the mattresses for a period of 10 years. The mattresses have been durable and in at its highest performance for much longer than this period as well.

Are Ergoflex memory foam mattresses good for you?

The company is a mattress in a box supplier established widely in the United Kingdom and Australia. The highest quality graded material density and the unique sleep technology used makes it a one of a kind product. It has gained a reputation over the years for its exceptional customer services and competitive price ranges. The fact that this company trades longer than the specified warranty period is proof of its superior class leading performance, durability, and longevity. The entire mattress is encased in a TENCEL cover that maintains the density and protects it within. The materials used in the Ergoflex mattress are directly sourced from nature, botanical, and highly sustainable. The super fine quality makes the mattress silky and soft on the skin, outperforming the other competitive mattress brands in the market. Its advanced moisture control ventilation system enables the sleep surface and the inner layers to dry quickly. This attributes undisturbed and convenient sleep each night, no matter the season or time of the year. In addition to this, the top cover materials are also naturally antibacterial in nature, free of synthetic chemicals. This makes the mattress capable of superior hygienic performance. The mattresses from Ergoflex are capable of 226 million nights and more of peaceful and restful sleep. The cool sleep airflow system keeps the inner core of the mattress cooler even during the sweltering summer nights. All the mattresses from this brand have been tried and trusted with a 10 year warranty, 30 nights trial, fast deliveries, and free returns in specific areas.