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About Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa is a brand that understands how important sleep is for its consumers. They established their first location in Australia in 2015. This was then followed by them branching out to New Zealand and Hongkong in 2016 and to the USA in 2017. Just recently, they had also entered the Canadian market in 2019.

This brand offers high-quality sleep solutions such as mattresses, sheets, pillows, bed bases, and many more. They take pride in using intelligent ergonomic design to ensure the body’s comfortability while sleeping. The sheets that they used are also of top-grade quality using bamboo and silk material.

Aside from providing high-quality products, Ecosa is also determined to ensure that its operation and materials are environmentally friendly. In fact, rather than throwing away returned mattresses, they donate them instead so that they can still be used by those who cannot afford to buy their own mattresses.

Ecosa Mattress Features and Benefits

Ecosa is considered to be one of the best mattress Australia has to offer. These are the features and benefits of their mattress, which makes them extremely popular and desirable:



Ecosa uses environmentally friendly materials that are durable so that it is worth every penny that you pay for. Their materials are also waterproof and dust and mite free so that it is easy for you to maintain its cleanliness.



Here are the 5 layers that make an Ecosa mattress:

  • Waterproof Inner Cover- the waterproof inner cover is made from German micro-filament technology. It keeps the mattress waterproof, so avoid damage or accumulation of bacteria. It also keeps the mattress dust and mite free.
  • G-7 Gel Memory Foam- part of what helps you sleep comfortably on an Ecosa mattress is its G-7 gel memory foam. It is infused with gel particles that help regulate temperature to keep your body cool and comfortable. It also helps the mattress to get the stabilization that it needs. It is also memory foam, so it hugs your body’s contour in the right spots.
  • Ergonomic Support Foam- this is the part of the Ecosa mattress responsible for providing support to the pressure point and spine.
  • ECO-Tex Memory Foam- to ensure that you will not feel hot and sweaty when you are asleep, Ecosa uses ECO-tex Memory foam. It is a type of open-cell foam that gives it the same bounce as latex but with more breathability. It is also more durable.
  • Removable Tencel Cover- this cover is washable and easy to remove for effortless cleaning. It is also breathable, so it helps maintain the desired temperature on the mattress.


Ecosa has three mattress firmness options; firm, medium, and medium-firm. However, unlike other mattresses, you can get all these firmness options in a single mattress because they have adjustable firmness.

You can simply re-arrange the layers of the mattress to achieve the firmness level that you desire. If you want a medium-firm mattress, all you have to do is put the G-7 memory foam layer on top. Meanwhile, if you want it to be medium-firm, you can put the ECO-Tex foam layer on top. For a firm mattress, put the yellow-colored layer, which is the Ergonomic support form, on top.

This feature is great because you do not have to purchase different mattresses to get the firmness level that you prefer. Adjusting the firmness level is very effortless to do as well.

What is Ecosa Mattress Made From?

The Ecosa mattress is made from 5 different layers including a waterproof inner cover, G-7 gel memory foam, ergonomic foam, ECO-Tex foam, and a removal cover. Each layer helps create the support and versatility of an Ecosa mattress.

Which Firmness is Right for you?

Knowing what firmness level is right for you can be identified depending on your sleeping position. Here are the different sleeping positions and their ideal fitness levels:

Side sleep are those who sleep on their sides. They are also the type who constantly toss around and change into different positions when they are asleep. In this case, the best firmness level for this type of sleeper is soft to medium.

A soft to medium mattress is best for them because they need it to be soft enough to hug the contours of their body. A firm mattress will not be able to do this, and it can result in a lack of support, which can lead to shoulder, neck, and back pains.

For back sleepers, support and firmness are very important, so the firmness level that is most appropriate for this type of level is medium. This is to allow enough support to avoid pressure points while they are sleeping.

The stomach sleeper’s torso will be the part that applies the most pressure on a mattress. Due to this, they will need a mattress that provides consistent support throughout the body, which is why a medium-firm mattress is ideal.

A medium-firm mattress allows stomach sleepers to be as flat as possible on the surface of the mattress. This helps maintain the alignment of the spine and avoid discomfort and pain.

The firmness level that you will be from a mattress is highly dependent on your sleeping position. Ensure that the mattress firmness you choose provides you with enough support and softness in the parts you need.

Luckily, the Ecosa mattress has adjustable firmness. This means that regardless of what sleeping position you have, you are sure to get the firmness level that is ideal for you.

How to Set up the Ecosa Mattress?

The Ecosa mattress in a box, so the first step to setting it up is the unboxing. The brand recommends that you let the mattress breathe and expand for at least 5 hours before using it. The next step is to adjust the firmness of your mattress according to your preference. You can choose from a firm, medium, and medium-firm levels. After that, your mattress is ready for use.

How Much Does Ecosa Mattress Cost?

Size, measurements, weight, and price

Ecosa mattress is much cheaper than mattress sold in retail stores. The reason behind this is because Ecosa exclusively sells its products online. As a result, they don’t have to pay for showroom and salesperson salary expenses, allowing them to put small markups on their products.

Single-size Ecosa mattress starts at $799 while their biggest mattress, which is the super king, costs around $1,499. This is more affordable compared to the Sleeping Duck mattress who’s king-size cost $1,599. Meanwhile, compared to the Noa mattress, they have almost the same prices. However, in terms of value and benefits, you will get more from Ecosa.

Payment Options

You can pay for your Ecosa product through Paypal, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. The nice thing about these is that you will not be billed for surcharges for any transaction for Ecosa.

Furthermore, they also have a buy now pay later options through the following:

  • Zippay
  • Afterpay
  • Split it

What is 100 nights Trial and Things to Consider

The nice thing about Ecosa is that they have a 100-night trial and 15-year warranty. These are something that only a few mattress brands offer.

100 Nights Trial

Have you ever bought a mattress and realize after a few weeks that it does not suit you? Well, you will not have this problem with Ecosa. They understand that it might take awhile before you are fully able to say that a mattress suits your needs or not; hence, they offer a 100 nights trial.

If you decide that the mattress is not for you during this period, you can have it refunded. Ecosa will then arrange for the mattress to be donated to those who need them the most to avoid throwing them as garbage.

Return and Warranty

The return process for any Ecosa product is very straightforward. All you have to do is send them an email to guide you on how to return your product for refund, replacement, or donation.

If your product is still under the 100 trial days, you will be given instructions about your mattress collection method. Once the mattress has been confirmed to be collected, you will then receive the full refund of your product.

Are Ecosa Mattresses Good for You?

Without a doubt, Ecosa mattresses are an excellent product. They are made of high-quality material that is not only eco-friendly but durable as well. Each component is well thought out to help provide a comfortable and excellent quality of sleep.

In terms of prices, they are among the most affordable options in the market. Buying from them is very convenient too because the mattresses come in a decent size box that is easy to deliver.

Not only that, but Ecosa also has commendable after-sales services. They offer a 100 nights trial and an effortless warranty and return procedure, which you only get from responsible brands.

It is easy to say that Ecosa is definitely a good brand for you for all those reasons. However, it all boils down to personal preference and needs. Hopefully, this Ecosa mattress review helps determine whether it is the best brand for you.

About Emma

Emma is a mattress manufacturing company that was founded in the year 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. Today this company is established across 5 continents, manufacturing and supplying mattresses in 21 countries across the globe. The team at Emma uses innovative patented technology to enable customers to enjoy the best softness and comfort in a mattress for a restful sleep. The brand has won multiple awards and a reputation for providing the right degree of spinal alignment support.

Emma is one of the fastest expanding mattress brands in the world and loved by every customer who has used it. The expert team is consistently carrying out research, studies and analyses to make progressive innovations. Emma strives to advance the comfort no matter the sleeping position.

The Emma mattress company engages state-of-the-art facilities in the manufacture of the mattresses. Every unit is thoroughly tested by experienced product development professionals at the company’s on-site testing centre.

Emma Mattress Features and Benefits

The Emma mattress has unique features which make it stand out from the rest in the market. Check out the Emma Mattress reviews below.


Emma mattress company uses high quality breathable and eco-friendly foam materials. The overall composition of the materials makes each unit durable and long-lasting. The brand uses open-cell structured Airgocell polyfoam materials that help in the easy circulation of air, preventing night sweats. The comfy materials also evenly distribute the pressure exerted by the body.



The Emma mattress exhibits firmness that can be rated between 6 on the 10 point scale. The medium-firm feel is what makes this mattress a highly preferred option by several sleepers when compared to the other brands in the market. With Emma mattress, users experience the cradling sensation that induces a good night’s sleep. You are able to feel the mattress cushioning and contouring the body. The mattress responds instantly to pressure.

What is Emma mattress made from?

Emma mattress is made from Airgocell-layered foam that is engineered in Germany. It is capable of 7-zone support. The top cover is made up of a blend of polyester and elastane. Emma mattress is designed with special innovative technologies to give it unrivalled cooling properties. This enables users to nap cool during the searing Australian summers. The mattress is made from 100% vegan, organic, natural and environmentally friendly materials. The first layer is made up of responsive foam; the second is memory foam, and the third is the high-density polyfoam.

Breathable eco-friendly:

The top foam layer is highly breathable as it absorbs the sweat, preventing your body from overheating. It is free of chemicals, colouring and other materials that harm your body and the environment.

7 zone foam:

Several advancements have been made to this mattress after trials and tests over the years. What makes this mattress special is that it adapts to the body contour and movement. It is capable of unrivalled pressure relief. You feel comfortable and cozy on this bed, no matter which sleep position it may be.

Point elastic foam:

This is the final layer of the mattress and it provides all-round firmness and support.  You can easily move the mattress around. The unique materials that it is made up of targets the pressure points and provides firm support for the lower back, hip, joints and other important parts of the body. It is elastic in nature which makes the pressure waves to be evenly distributed. This prevents your partner from waking up with all the movement.


The manufacturers have encased the mattress in a highly durable, elastic cover that acts as a protective shield from external factors. It wicks up the moisture unlike any other, keeping the layers well ventilated and breathable. The cover regulates the body temperature, maintaining a cool sleep surface. It fits snugly across all the sides of the mattress and can be wiped or detached for a machine wash. The side handles let you slide it to fit the bed frame. The surface is made up of anti-slip material that prevents the mattress from skidding around.

Which firmness is right for you?

Most of us prefer sleeping on our sides or stomach and end up with hip and joint pains and discomfort due to mattresses that are not firm enough. It is recommended to go for mattresses that have a firmness than ranges from 6 upwards on a 10 point firmness scale. The Emma mattress has a firmness that ranges between 6 and is categorized as medium-soft. These firmness levels give you a nice, soft firm feel to rest your tired body. This makes it one of the most comfortable mattresses in a box option.

How much does an Emma Mattress cost?

The costs of the Emma Mattress is quite competitive and reasonable when compared to the other brands in the market. Check out the sizes and pricing for each Emma Mattress given below.

StyleDimensionsWeightEmma’s Price
Single188 x 92 x 25cm17 kg$599
King Single203 x 107 x 25cm19 kg$699
Double188 x 138 x 25cm26 kg$799
Queen203 x 153 x 25cm29 kg$899
King203 x 183 x 25cm35 kg$999

What are 100 Nights Trial and things to consider?

It is impossible to know the comfort and feel of a mattress just by looking at it and browsing through the specifications. The Emma mattress company cares for its customers and strives to ensure that everyone enjoys the best sleep possible on the purchased mattress. This brand offers customers a 100 Night trial, where you get to set up the mattress at home and try it out for 100 nights within the comfort of your home. If it doesn’t offer the comfort and the feeling you are looking for in a mattress, you can send it back to the company, completely free of costs.

Free delivery

No more worries about paying for delivery to get the mattress to your home. Emma mattresses are delivered to your doorstep free of charge. The professional team also makes sure that customers get their deliveries on time.


In case a customer is not satisfied with the mattress, staff personnel from the company are sent to your home to provide a full refund.


Emma mattresses are one of the best mattresses in Australia that comes with a 10 year warranty. The mattresses from this brand are loved for their durability, long performance life, premium quality, and excellent standards.

Are Emma mattresses good for you?

Emma mattresses are the perfect choice if you are looking for one that is unique in every way. The mattresses from this brand are of superior quality when compared to the others in the market. It possesses the properties to give you good sleep without compromising on spinal contouring and body support. The impressive features effectively reduce partner disturbance and pressure on the bed.

The Emma mattresses are tried and well tested. Every unit can withstand the test of time and provide comfort through the years. In addition to this, the mattress is delivered free of cost, comes with a 10-year warranty, 100 nights trial, and returnable policy.

At Emma, the entire ordering process is quite simple. The team is dedicated to ensuring their customers are happy with the purchases.

Overall, the Emma mattress is an ideal product to sleep on at the best price. The product is certified, environment friendly, and safe to use by people with all body types. Innovatively engineered and German manufactured, Emma mattresses ensures the best possible relaxing experience after a tiring day.


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Author - Elina

Author - Elina

Elina currently lives in Sydney where writes reviews for WHICH MATTRESS. She is passionate about anything bedding and home decors.

Ecosa Mattress

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Ecosa Mattress Review

About Ecosa Mattress Ecosa is a brand that understands how important sleep is for its consumers. They established their first location in Australia in 2015.