Zenna Mattress Review

Pros of Zenna Mattress:

  • Made from Eco-Institute and Oeko-Tex certified materials
  • Bamboo cover and inner ventilation keep the sleeper cool
  • Cushions the spine providing back pain relief
  • Latex offers greater elasticity allowing contour without getting stuck

Cons of Zenna Mattress:

  • Some complaints about it being too firm
  • Not for people who only want foam made mattress – it’s 100% latex

Comfort & Support:

The mattress comes with a soft and breathable bamboo cover that you can easily remove via a zipper. Under it, there’s a latex core – 100% natural. This is the mattress’s main body, which is why it has a bit of a ‘rubbery’ feel, making it different from an innerspring or full-foam mattress.

It has a ‘medium-firm’ feel to it, which means people with body weights of 130lb to 230lb will find ample support for spinal cord and comfort in different sleeping positions.

For people with body weight lower than 130lbs, it might not offer the ideal firmness – can be too hard, which will only make you uncomfortable.

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Zenna Mattress Review